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The team at Quantum Advertising Company implements a simple and fully transparent internet marketing system to generate more customers every month with predictability. 

Step 1: Craft Your Valuable Message & Irresistible Offer

Every single business shares a message. Having the right message and offer is crucial to convert internet users into revenue on demand. We craft an irresistible offer for you that stands above the noise to ethically force customers to chose you over the competition. Your authoritative and valuable message is what communicates that you understand their struggles, pains and how you can help them overcome their fears to getting what they want – your services!

Step 2: Get Your Internet Marketing Right

It’s essential to have a fast loading website and a responsive design that easy to read on any screen size. Your offer and message only go so far. We develop our work to seamlessly work on all devices from smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, iOS and Android, Mac and PC. We want you to be the best in your area, and we ensure your website, Facebook and Google Reviews users can easily realize why you’re the best choice.

Step 3: Attract Ideal Customers & Build Audience

Between your website, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and referrals, your online presence is more critical than ever to attract ideal customers. Building your audience is important and serving your audience over time is what attracts them to happily convert to paying customers and have them keeping returning. Accomplishing both without internet marketing is extremely difficult in the new digital age. Remember, last time you wanted to find a local service in your area? Bet you searched it on the internet before you made a decision to take any action! About 90% of all buying decisions happen on the first page of Google, so if you are not in at least the top 3 for the type of services you provide, you are getting absolutely crushed by your competition.

Step 4: Track All Results & Optimize for Maximum ROI

We are known for being one of the only local internet marketing companies to provide our clients with world-class software. Every single step is tracked to ensure that our campaigns are generating the most ROI you have ever seen from internet marketing. You get access to our custom software so you can easily see all booked appointments, phone calls, high-quality leads generated, patient pipeline value, conversion rate and even your online reputation. We provide you with embedded follow up sequences, sms/email/voicedrop to achieve the highest possible show up rates for appointments. This all happens by leveraging AI technology and ensuring you & your front desk staff doesn’t have to stress out taking on more work.

Step 5: Generate & Maintain 5-Star Reviews from Patients

With dozens of review platforms ranging from Google, Yelp,, Facebook and more, this is the most overlooked aspect of local business internet marketing in 2020. 77% of customers will look at your online reputation before picking up the phone or buying your services. We take the extra step in generating 5-star reviews. Then we ensure that your reputation is maintained by sifting out any negative reviews so you know what areas of your practice need to improve on. We continue to not only generate reviews, but video testimonials, before and after pictures and tweak your reputation as need to never stop you from being the #1 local business in your area.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads has been a staple internet marketing channel for consistent leads, and we ensure generate high-quality leads to easily convert into paying customers that will leave you incredible testimonials to bring you more business. We take care of this for you.


Searching for results as soon as possible? Paid Google Ads or PPC is a quick method to get traffic to your website. With demographic control and keyword, you choose an audience who is already actively in the market and already searching for your service.

Booking Service

Imagine seeing your business's calendar full with appointments on everyday without stressing you or your front desk staff with any additional tasks. This is what separates our 6-figure clients from 7 & 8-figure clients who build a successful internet marketing foundation.

CRM & Software

Full-transparency is our first core value. That is why we custom built a proprietary, done-for-you CRM & Software so you can see all phone calls, appointments, high-quality leads, pipeline value, conversion rate and your online reviews in one place to maximize your ROI.

SEO Services in Philadelphia, PA

Search Engine

Did you realize that 90% of all purchasing choices are made on the #1 page of google? SEO enables your site to establish, build, and grow the trust it needs to show up in the highest point of the search results to get more phone calls, appointments, and quality leads.


Local search is tied in with upgrading your business' physical area on the web. Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Google Business postings are only a glimpse of the bigger picture for internet marketing. We provide techniques to ensure customers always choose you.


Do you know that 77% of prospective customers search online (Source: Think With Google) before calling, looking for answers to questions like "What services do you offer?" and "What are your hours?" but if you don't have 5-star reviews, customers won't choose you.

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Since being founded in January of 2019, Apostoli “Stoli” Tsilikas has taken the company to the next level by providing a cohesive internet marketing system and done-for-you software  for local businesses across the United States & Canada.

Just within over a year, Quantum Advertising Company was able to generate $3MM in revenue for clients and prove massive ROI (return on investment) from online campaigns that generated high-qualified leads and even offers an appointment booking service that has you wake up to your businesses calendar packed with new customers wanting your service.

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