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Why PPC Google Search Network Ads Are Important

We have spent countless hours on keyword research for our client’s pay-per-click ads to show and most importantly convert to phone calls or qualified appointments. As a Google Partner, we have world-class PPC strategies to lower your costs and increase your conversions simultaneously. It is important for your paid advertisement to rank for the right keywords, just like SEO, but paid ads have the ability to see results almost immediately with a high enough paid advertising budget. Without the right budget, a Google Search Network Ad will easily fail.

google ppc ads philadelphia
Ex: Google Search Network Ad for "dentist philadelphia" (mobile)

Top Components of Google Maps Ad

Google Maps is overlooked by many small businesses when it comes to their digital marketing strategy. Over 1 billion people have downloaded Google Maps and use it daily to drive to their destinations. Having plenty of Google Reviews by utilizing online reputation management makes you rank in the Google Maps organically over time, but what about running a paid in Google Maps?

The first component in the Google Map Ad is the listing. Is your phone number tracked? Is your address updated? Nearly 48% of all Google listings are incorrect so it is critical to ensure that you can track phone call results and directions requested from your Google Maps Ad. The second component to note is that the Google Map Ad will display you at the top of the Google Map pack and will have a “Ad badge” to let users know that it is a paid Google Map Ad compared to the organic listing that have gained trust from SEO and online reputation management.

google map ads philadelphia
Ex: Google Map Ads for "smog check" (mobile)

Best Tracking Practices for Google Shopping Ads

Looking for the right way to scale your eCommerce sales? Google Shopping Ads has proved measurable return-on-investment with proper strategy deployment. Whether you are selling hemp oil, clothing or accessories, targeting traffic and converting that traffic into customers who buy and buy again is the magic of understanding whether or not Google Shopping Ads is right for you. The most common error when it comes to Google Shopping Ads is not have tracking set up. Conversion tracking and optimization is what takes this type of Google Ad to the next level by ensuring there is a controllable way to monitor, track and optimize sales to predict how much inventory is needed.

google shopping ads philadelphia
Ex: Google Shopping Ad for "hemp oil" (desktop)

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